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"This is for my Barrio!":

An Afro-Latina Hip Hop Story








An interactive multimedia lecture/performance that takes you through the life of Chicago's Afro-Boricua Emcee Lah Tere. This testimony dives deep into Lah's personal life story and shares critical moments where choice and action would determine if she was going to "be the statistic or beat the statistic".

Lah Tere touches on race, obesity, substance abuse, gun and gang violence, depression, homelessness, sisterhood, poverty, immigration, inspiration, and transformative SELF-JUSTICE.

This is NOT your average lecture. Participants will reach another level of emotional intelligence and will learn the importance of emotional release techniques as a source of healing through the art of Hip Hop.

Honor Your Pace: 

    life mapping with lah











 is about meeting people where they are at.

As a #RealTimeResults Facilitator, my intention is to assist you in shifting your paradigm from

a "MAYBE" to an absolute "YES" when making decisions about what is next in your life.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

My TOOLBOX includes a handful of amazing practices that I have applied to my life and have mastered. It also includes my own personal touch which is #SOULTALK .

Soul Talk is a technique that allows the individual to tap into their emotional intelligence in order to manage their decision-making process with raw truth, authenticity, and integrity. I am EXTREMELY passionate about this part of my life's work and am ready to see my tribe move from trials to triumph through self-trust. I can guarantee you will leave feeling moved, touched, and inspired. It's about #RealTimeResults!


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