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Hip Hop Healing Missions 

This page gives you a quick look at Lah's global journey to teach communities how to use hip hop as a healing tool. 

Summer 2013 at Fundacion Casa Ana was an eye-opening and intense experience. Lah Tere facilitated workshops for orphaned and abused children in Azua. The children wrote a hip hop song, learned about delivery and flow, recorded it at a professional studio, performed it live at the Cultural Center and also made a music video. "Amor en mi Pais" is performed by 3 females, who now formed the first HIP HOP Trio in Azua called Mama Tingo (a Dominican heroine who fought for the rights of farmers and their land). Music video coming soon! HIP HOP HEALS!!!






















Azua de Compostela,

Republica Dominicana 2013 





Ciudad de Guatemala,
Guatemala 2011

In 2011, Lah was invited to Guatemala City by Hip Hop for Peace to teach children how to use hip hop as an emotional release tool. These children live under the Incienso Bridge, where jumping off of the bridge to commit suicide is completely normal. In 2 weeks the kids learned how to write their own verses, hooks and produce their own video.

Real Hip Hop Saves Lives Globally! 

​""Amor Amor" by Angelitos del Amor ​

Chorus: 2X

Amor Amor, tu amor es suficiente, 

Amor Amor , hasta debajo de un puente. 

Lah also facilitated meditation and free-writing classes with young women who have been sex-trafficked and sexually abused . 


Ballymun, Dublin and Arklow, Ireland 2012

Lah Tere was a special guest on Mahina Movement's SoulJourney Tour to Ireland. They performed and provided powerful art and emotional intelligence workshops in Ballymun, Dublin and Arklow (a coastal town). Ballymun is compared to the Bronx,housing projects and all. It is known as the ghetto of Ireland. The youth were dynamic and strong. They used music and the arts as their therapy. Currently the community is going through a huge gentrification phase and are being moved out. The magical island was full of spiritual, astrological and energetic surprises to say the least. An amazing place to go! <3 





















West Bank, Palestine & Jerusalem/Haifa Israel 2011


 In 2011, Lah was invited to Palestine by Existence is Resistance to teach and share with children and families in the West Bank. During her 3 week journey she was able to visit several refugee camps. She visited Hebron and saw the atrocities happening there between H1 and H2, witnessed the protest on Friday morning in Nabi Selah (Tamimi Village), sang and laughed with the children of Tul Ka'rem (the only African village in Palestine) and also experienced the tense and overwhelming feeling of the market in Jerusalem (Damascus Gates), where Arabs, Jews and Christians all congregate. This life-changing mission helped her understand and connect the impacts of colonialism on her island of Puerto Rico and abroad. Lah was able to teach and perform in many venues with powerhouse Arab Queen of Hip Hop Shadia Mansour. 


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