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"...but when Lah Tere stepped forward and performed her signature song “Crush”, it was a life changing moment for many people in that room. It was as though every woman that had been beaten, stepped on, and pushed aside by men, found their instrument in the torrent of lyricism Lah Tere unleashed on that room, with a speed and power and metaphorical genius that shattered every idea of feminine weakness the men in that room carried with them. This was Etta James singing “Stop The Wedding;” Aretha Franklin singing “Respect” Lah Tere’s performance smashed through every ounce of false bravado in that room and allowed these very tough, very wounded men to express their own emotions. When she finished, the men ran up to her and hugged her, asked to be photographed with her, and implored her to listen to their own original raps which they had performed on the Gangway CD. All of a sudden a room filled with tension became a community where art was supreme and feelings could be shared."

- Professor Mark Naiso - Notorious PHD - Fordham University

"Benny Beats returns with a remix of Brazilian MC Eli Efi and Laylo's "Marcha Soldado," a musical call to black and poor people to struggle for their health, happiness, and dignity. The lyrics say that criticizing an unjust society is not enough. The thunderous bass beatwhich Eli Efi and Laylo affectionately refer to as "the elephant beat"is sweetened with the vocal stylings of female MC/vocalist Lah Tere of Rebel Diaz fame."

-National Geographic World Music

 "Lah Tere provides powerfully soulful vocals and thought-provoking, sometimes-bilingual lyrics that easily draw comparisons to Jill Scott, La Lupe and Queen Latifah."

                                                               - The BoomBox

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