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It's the Glamma life, no the Gamma

life! I love being a "Woman of Distinction"

a sister of the largest Latina

(muliticulturally-based) sorority in the nation,

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.

SLG has over 100 chapters across the country.

WEPA!!!!  I waited til my Junior year in college to

join the sorority. I was already an activist on the

University of Illinois campus, fighting against the

racist mascot "Chief Illiniwek", fighting to keep the

cultural centers open, and the list goes on . When

I decided to join the sorority the activists in the

campus community were very upset. They told me

so many things about how sororities were destructive

and that I was basically selling out! My response was...


I decided to join not because it was the cool thing

to do on campus, but because I had finally found

a purpose/mission/vision that articulated what I

wanted, and how I wanted to be.  My father's passion and love for his fraternity,  Phi Epsilon Chi from "La Catolica" in Ponce, Puerto Rico also influenced my choice. SLG talked to me through it's purpose. 

Bueno, I knew that it was good choice and

            would be whatever I made it be, and that it had very amazing women in it. Wow, little did I know

that this organization would be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I did community service, study

hours, partied, was a dean, road tripped, 

the whole nine... basically I kicked it.

The best thing about it was and still is the fact

that I made the dopest friends/sisters ever. 

The women across the nation have been so

amazing, loyal, supportive and real. Ok not every

single sister is my favorite, but I do respect them and

the letters that they rock... which means that they

believe in the same purpose as me.

NO I don't idolize the organization, I think that it is an

incredible instrument/tool for the survival of

women of color on campuses everywhere.

The Dramatically Delicious Delta Chapter is

where I am from, and we are one of the oldest in the

sorority. I learned a lot from the founders of the

sorority! Shout outs to Danell Marie Riojas for

being a fierce and down to Earth founder.

I have been a member of the sorority for almost 20 years

and I feel like if I crossed yesterday.

I would love to go back to those times ...

there are so many memories that I will carry forever. 

I thank the Creator for SLG. I truly do! <3 LIFE CHANGING!!!